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Santa Paul’s 2016 Appearance on Canada’s CBC TV’s program, “The Goods”,

The Goods is a daytime talk show on CBC television that debuted in October 2016. The show is hosted by Steven Sabados, Jessi Cruickshank, Andrea Bain and Shahir Massoud.

Formatted as a lifestyle show, each of the hosts specializes in a different subject area: Sabados on home and design, Cruickshank on style and fashion, Bain on relationships  and Massoud on food.

For their inaugural Holiday episode, ‘The Goods’ hosted their own Santa Pageant featuring three Santa’s helpers from various backgrounds. Santa Paul was chosen as the traditional parade type Santa to compete to find the ‘The Best Santa’.  Santa Paul really loved the cookie eating contest.

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Thank you Santa  

We were all very impressed with Santa Paul Hillier. He was excellent with the children, they loved him. He got right down to their level and played with them. I would highly recommend Santa Paul.

Peggy V.   
Best Santa EVER!  

Paul Hillier was the friendliest, cutest, most fun Santa I could have ever asked for! He really went above and beyond expectations. Everyone at the event loved him, and his presence really made the event special and fun. I would definitely hire him again and recommend him to anyone having a Christmas party!!! He's just fantastic, and very professional - he stayed 100% in character the entire time. He would laugh, sing, talk to everyone... he really found a way to engage with everyone there and make them smile. It was a pleasure to work with Paul and I look forward to more events together next year and onwards.


As a long time show promoter we welcomed Santa Paul Hillier to our events in Kitchener and London and he took us to the next level! A true professional, well organized, great to work with, loved by kids and adults, he truly has mastered the Santa role from costume to character and we can't wait to have him back!

Isabel T.   
Santa Paul is the Real Deal!  

Our 7th Annual Complimentary Community Seniors Christmas Dinner was the best ever thanks to a visit from Santa Paul. He entertained close to 80 seniors, gave them treats and had them all singing Christmas carols with him. It's obvious he loves what he does. His Christmas spirit is infectious! He was born for this role. Highly recommend Santa Paul for any age. We believe!

Mariska T.